Going to the dentist regularly is important for your oral health and the growth and development for your teeth. As children, we go more frequently than adults, but it’s important to continue regular care for your teeth even into adulthood and older age. This includes check-ups with the dentist.

Knowing how often to get your teeth checked by a dentist and when the best time for appointments are can help you stay healthy and happy and prevent future problems from arising!

When To Visit Your Dentist

A lot of different factors come into play when deciding how often a trip to your local Broomfield dentist should be. Typically, twice a year is considered a normal, healthy frequency to get your teeth cleaned and checked, and you’ll have great oral health if you keep up with these twice a year check-ins.

It’s important to remember that different conditions or other details may change this twice yearly rule of thumb. Even if you’ve already been to the dentist twice, if you start noticing a problem or feel pain, you should get in as soon as possible to discover the problem.

Talking to your dentist each visit to figure out when you’re next expected to be seen by them is the best way to figure out how often you personally should be visiting. Depending on your lifestyle, dental factors, or upcoming changes, you may need to be seen more frequently, even if it’s just a temporary adjustment.

Children VS. Adults

Some of the major differences between dentist visits come from age. As an adult, every 6 months is a good standard to follow to ensure your teeth remain clean and strong. As a child, this rule is mostly followed, but additional appointments may be necessary more. Developing teeth and the transition from baby teeth into adult teeth is a key period for your dental growth.

Plus, a dentist can help spot potential issues that may require further work done by an orthodontist. Most children have to see an orthodontist at some point, for braces or aligners or other forms of dental treatment.

If you’re not sure if you or your child needs to see an orthodontist, schedule an appointment with us for a cleaning and check-up, and we can give you a referral if we find any major problems.

Why You May Need More Visits

Whenever there is a change or potential problem with your dental hygiene, it may require more visits to get it under control. This can include gum disease, hereditary dental problems, or smoking.

Scheduling An Appointment

To get an appointment scheduled with your dentist, you’ve got a few options usually.

You could call our Arbor Dental Group office in Broomfield to set up an appointment date. There is also a scheduling form online on our website that you can use, as well. Or after your next appointment, stop by the billing desk to get yourself penciled in for 6 months in the future!