Choosing a dentist can be hard, but if you live near Westminster, Colorado, it is more than easy to find the Best Dental Office around, simply call us! We can offer a variety of dental services, along with special services, and accommodating the needs of children. There are a few main reasons why we are the best dental office in the area that we have outlined below.

We Listen

Any good dentist should want to help their patients, but the best dentist will listen as well. We take the time to listen to all of your concerns and help pick the best treatment plan for you.

We Educate

If you do not understand what is going on in your mouth, then how can you take proper care of your teeth once you go home? Education is also important because it can eliminate intense fear or anxiety surrounding dental treatment.

We Respect Your Time

We never pressure you into booking an appointment that you do not have the time for, nor do we make you wait longer than you need. We pride ourselves on being punctual and consider your time. We appreciate you coming into our office, and we do not want you to take any more time than you need to out of your busy schedule.

We Keep a Clean Office

We always keep our office clean, neat, and orderly. You will never see dirty gloves or instruments lying around. We always take your safety into account and have the utmost concern for your health.

We Will Never Upsell You

You should never feel forced into paying for pricey treatments that you do not need, nor that you cannot afford. We are not salespeople, but rather doctors. We will never try to sell you on something you do not need or that you did not ask for.

We Want to Get to Know You

We care about our customers and hope this turns into a long-term relationship. We hope to not only work on your teeth but get to know your family as well. We hope you feel comfortable enough with us to bring your children in for their check-ups for years to come.

We Care About Our Staff

At our practice, we do not only care about you, our patients, but we also care about our staff. With an incredible staff onboard, from the cleaners to the hygienists, front desk admin, and assistants, we value everyone at our practice.

We Follow Up

Some dental procedures can be long and even painful. If you feel odd for a little while after this is normal, but we never want you to feel any abnormal pain. We will always follow up with you after a long procedure because we want to make sure you are feeling good. Dental Work is a form of medicine and should be treated as such.

At Arbor Dental Group we take pride in our services. Contact us to make your appointment today.