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Preventive Dentistry

Dental Exams and Digital X-Rays

dental patient dentist chairWith regular teeth cleanings and checkups, the Arbor team of dentists, hygienists and EDDAs will help you and your family members maintain beautiful and healthy smiles.

Regular checkups and x-rays are essential for the best possible oral health. We recommend that each patient visit Arbor Dental Group every six months. For those with specialized treatment needs, visits may be scheduled more frequently as needed.

fluoride-treatmentFluoride Treatment

Your dentist and hygienist at Arbor Dental Group may decide that fluoride should be part of your overall treatment. Fluoride treatments prevent cavities from developing, strengthen teeth through re-mineralization, and make your teeth more resistant to attack from plaque and bacteria that live naturally in the mouth

Tooth Sealants

tooth sealant 3Regular brushing and flossing go a long way toward keeping teeth healthy, but grooves in the teeth trap food particles and plaque that are nearly impossible to reach through brushing and flossing alone. To prevent cavities from developing, we can apply tooth sealants that protect these grooves and tooth enamel.

The staff at Arbor Dental Group provides this simple procedure in one visit, applying a tooth-colored acrylic coating onto the surfaces of the effected teeth. Taking only a few minutes to put on, tooth sealants wear well under ordinary circumstances and can last for several years.

 Mouth Guards

Mouth guards protect teeth from a wide range of dental problems resulting from teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. At Arbor Dental Group, we find that patients often grind their teeth without being aware of the issue, and suffer from symptoms that include sensitive teeth, jaw pain, headaches and ear or neck aches.

mouthguardTreatment is necessary for bruxism, since long-term teeth grinding can result in broken, chipped or cracked teeth. If you suspect that you grind your teeth during sleep, we can help you discover whether or not a medical condition may be contributing to this habit.

Once teeth grinding has been diagnosed at Arbor Dental Group, a custom-fitted mouth guard can be provided for your comfort and convenience. After a simple impression of your top and bottom teeth, we will take special care to ensure that you mouth guard is fits perfectly for maximum protection.