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Dental Implants & Dentures

Dental Implants

dental implant 2Arbor Dental offers today’s solutions for permanent replacement teeth known as dental implants. They not only support crowns, bridges, and dentures, but dental implants also take the place of the roots themselves.

Dental implants are fixtures of titanium surgically placed into your jaw bone, which act as anchors for crowns or dentures to fit over. Dental implants look so natural that most people can’t even distinguish them from the teeth you were born with.

An alternative to dentures and removable partials that are usually loose and unstable, implants are strong and functional, looking and feeling better than their removable counterparts and offering the same force for biting as bridges that are fixed. Best of all, they will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

A dental implant requires no alterations to the adjacent teeth. Compare Arbor’s replacement teeth with traditional dentures. New options exist that allow permanent replacement teeth to be customized to restore a natural smile by utilizing 3D CAT scan digital technology. Dental implants are safe, strong, comfortable and reliable.

You no longer have to use messy creams and adhesives. The end result is as close as you can get to natural teeth… from a single tooth to an entire mouth.


full-denture illDentures can replace some or all missing teeth, and there are different types of dentures to choose from depending on your personal needs.

Traditional Complete Dentures – This type of denture replaces all of the upper and/or lower teeth.  They are held in place by the natural anatomy of the mouth.

overdentures picOverdentures – Giving dentures more stability and better fit, an overdenture is a type of denture that is placed over dental implants and typically “snaps” onto the implants.



partial denture illPartial Dentures – A removable partial denture attaches to your natural teeth with clasps that keep them in place, completing your smile by filling out the spaces created by missing teeth.

The alignment of your jaw will slowly change as the bone and gum ridges shrink due to teeth extraction. All types of dentures will experience wear over time, and will need to be replaced or realigned in order to maintain proper jaw alignment.

Regular dental visits to Arbor Dental Group are still important for the denture wearer so that the oral tissues can be checked for any changes or potential gum disease.