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Aug 13

Welcoming Pediatric Patients to a Lifetime of Oral Health!


Arbor Dental Group gets kids. In fact, though you might be fooled by their calm demeanor, Drs. Lopez, Skinner, Cardon, and Housewright each have 3-4 children of their own. They may act like they didn’t listen to oboe lessons for 3 hours yesterday or spend all weekend at soccer games, but we know better! At Arbor Dental Group, we not only practice pediatric dentistry, we are parents, and we know how critical your children’s oral health is.

Unique care

Pediatric oral health is unique because it makes a difference in so many areas of a child’s life: from the confidence of a healthy smile that gives the courage to ask questions in class, or start a new friendship to the benefits of nutrition that come from a strong bite at a time when every vitamin and mineral is critical to a growing body. Not only this, but increasing evidence draws a link between oral and systemic health, suggesting that good oral health from an early age could spare your child from heart disease or diabetes later in life.

Pediatric oral health is unique for another reason: it is almost always preventative. Your child isn’t born with cavities; and the team at Arbor Dental Group wants to ensure that they never get them. That’s why we highly encourage early and consistent preventive dental care for all our pediatric patients!

We suggest practicing this dental care by following three steps:

1. Regular appointments

Preventative oral care starts early. Your child should have his first visit to Arbor Dental Group when he cuts his first tooth, or no later than his first birthday! It may take you by surprise, however, that an early visit is critical not only for normalizing the regular (and fun!) trip to the dentist, but also for recording your child’s health baseline. This helps Drs. and team keep a close eye your child’s health– and notice any changes right away!

2. Regular brushing and flossing

Chances are, your child has already seen and been intrigued by the daily ritual of toothbrushing and flossing. She may have already shown interest sharing this family activity– and if so, wonderful! … Because once your child cuts her first tooth, it’s time for a daily dental routine. Choose a brush with pleasing colors and soft bristles, and let her brush for a bit, then make sure you brush for her, too.

See ADA resources about approved brushes and toothpaste here.

3. Consider other preventative tools for your child’s oral health

Besides regular dental check-ups and daily care, Arbor Dental Group offers other preventative treatments that may be a good choice in maintaining your child’s dental health: sealants protect teeth during the clumsy brushing years, and fluoride treatments give cavity-fighting a boost. As your child acclimates to his new teeth and oral health regime, we encourage you to speak with Drs. Lopez, Skinner, Cardon, and Housewright about additional preventative care that may be a good fit for your child.

Our promise is great care– and a great experience, too

As parents, we know that parenting can occasionally be challenging– which is why we’ll make sure your child’s dental care is not. Arbor Dental Group is committed to offering flawless preventative pediatric care in a setting that your child finds comfortable and fun. We know this is his or her initiation into a life of excellent health.

When your child is ready for his or her first visit with Arbor Dental Group, let our team know; we’re excited to welcome the newest smile!

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