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Jan 30

Lighten Up Your Super Bowl Snacks

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and it’s time to get the snack table ready for guests. While traditional Super Bowl party foods are high in fat, grease and calories, there are ways to make them easier on your teeth and your waistline. The dentists in Westminster, Colorado and their team at Arbor Dental Group encourage patients to consider the following ways to lighten up traditional Super Bowl party snacks.

A Layered Dip for Chips

It’s estimated that Americans will eat over 10 million pounds of chips on Sunday – there’s little chance you can escape eating some of them. But it’s difficult to have chips without an accompanying dip. Those that are loaded with cheese and sour cream are full of calories and fat. Instead of those, head for the guacamole, salsa or hummus. Or, if you want some extra fiber and protein in your dip, try layering these ingredients:

  • Black beans and/or nonfat refried beans
  • Chicken or beef, as desired
  • Salsa
  • Reduced fat sour cream (about 1/2 cup)
  • Shredded cheese – enough to add flavor but not too much fat or calories
  • Chopped onion, tomato, and avocado
  • Sliced olives and jalapeno as desired
  • Chopped romaine or green leaf lettuce

While not totally without fat or calories, the fresh vegetables and the protein help balance out this dip that your football fans are sure to love.

Make Boneless Wings

Chicken wings are a favorite Super Bowl snack, but are high in calories and fat as they are usually served with skin and are deep fried. Avoid this problem by making your own boneless chicken wings from chicken breast meat that has been sliced into tenders. Make a breading of a combination of flour and cornmeal, then lightly fry them in a small amount of coconut oil. Drizzle with hot sauce and this snack is ready to eat!

Personalized Sub Sandwiches

Pizza is also a traditional Super Bowl party snack, but the greasy combination of bread, sauce and cheese – along with meaty toppings – is easy to overindulge. Instead, opt for sub sandwiches that party guests can make on their own. Provide a few different kinds of meats, cheeses, condiments and a wide range of veggies to choose from. If you skip the cheese and mayo, your personalized turkey sub loaded with veggies will make a very satisfying addition to the Super Bowl party!

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